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TFF Concern in Western Highlands

Western Highlands Tuition Fee Free Coordinator, Tom Noki, is warning schools in the Province to send their quarterly reports on TFF, to his office.

Noki says most of the schools in the province that have submitted their appraisal reports are Elementary and Primary schools.

He urged high schools and secondary schools to send in their reports.

Noki said even though high schools and secondary schools receive the biggest portion of TFF, they would never send back their appraisals.

It has been almost two years since the establishment of the TFF office in Western Highlands Province, and yet, schools are reluctant to send their reports on the use of the TFF money.

So far, Kumbareta High school is the only upper secondary school that has sent their 2016 first and second quarterly reports in.

Others who sent their quarterly reports were mostly elementary, primary schools and church-run schools.

Noki said there is a big need for schools to send in their reports so that there is cooperation on how TFF funding was put into use.

Noki  also praised those schools that were faithful in sending in their reports, despite receiving less funding.

He said the sending of appraisals will help the Education Department to plan properly.

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