Temu: Overdue Entitlements Pending

There are many leakages in the government’s annual budget, and one major pitfall is tax payers’ money


West New Britain Governor, Sasindra Muthuvel said retrenched public servants are still waiting for what is owed to them. The Governor lashed out at Public Service and Housing Minister, Sir Puka Temu, in Parliament today.


Governor Muthuvel told the house that so much money is spent to compensate retrenched public servants for their services, and for the years they have waited to get this payment. He burst out at the minister for Public Service and Housing, Sir Puka Temu, urging him to ensure the department functions effectively.


He gave an example of 33 retrenched public servants in his province whose payouts were approved but still pending. To date, the public servants are expecting a total sum of K1.2 million.


This is a bonus for the retrenched workers; however, it’s a burden for the tax payers and the national government. Governor Muthuvel said if the department and others under the minister’s care improve in this area, these monies can be saved and pumped into tangible projects.


Sir Puka said DPM is currently undergoing review and many improvements have been made so far. He said about K20 million is captured in the national budget every year, to address this group of public servants.

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