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June 25, 2021
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Telemedicine the way forward for Improved Health Services in PNG

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By Rayon Lakingu – EMTV News, Port Moresby

Port Moresby General Hospital and the School of Medicine and Health Sciences will now have a reliable telemedicine link to other hospitals and clinics in the country through a partnership with PNG DataCo; both institutions will be connected via fibre-optic cables for fast and reliable internet services. It is an initiative of PNG DataCo, through its Community Service Obligation program to support key government institutions.

Telemedicine is a remote way of accessing health information and services through the use of telecommunication technologies without the need for a patient to be physically present. It becomes an aid in assisting patients who are unable to travel to a hospital in situations where distance may be an issue.

“Technology lays the platform for education and telemedicine in today’s technological age and must be embraced to address some of the present issues in PNG,” DataCo Managing Director, Paul Komboi said.

Port Moresby General Hospital is a level seven hospital – one of the biggest in the country, and with most specialist doctors stationed; it is costly to have patients flown into Port Moresby for consultations.

According to the acting-CEO Dr Paki Molumi, Port Moresby General Hospital will be using this technology to conduct referrals, with specialist doctors able to offer patient consultancies, and other services to hospitals around the country, online.

Executive Dean of the School of Medicine and Health Science, Professor Nakapi Tefuarani, said this will help fulfill some of their plans to roll out clinical teaching services as part of their extension programs to other hospitals.

PNG DataCo has also supported many other government institutions with their fiber cable internet services including the Department of Higher Education Research Science and Technology.

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