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By Natasha Ovoi

Since the interruption of Tribal warfare in mid-July, last year, education services in Porgera are now been restored as teachers resume duties starting today.

District Administrator Jerry Maku has stated that the restoration of public facilities as well as the bringing back of public servants to Porgera was not an easy exercise. 

“All public servants have left Porgera. And all the teachers are not only locals but they are from all over the country. I tried my best to talk to them and arrange their travel back and now over 80 teachers are back in the valley to resume duties on Monday”, he said.

This was enabled by a joint effort between the Porgera Law and Order Crisis Management Committee with the support of community-based Restoring Justice Initiative (RJI).

The tireless team work resulted in the recent signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to between the rival clans of Nomali and Aiyala to Ceasefire on the 17th of January, 2023.  

In a statement released, RJI commends the Porgera District Administration and the Enga Provincial Government for the work put into restoring education services in Porgera.

District Administrator Jerry Maku also stated that he will again make efforts to discuss with the Enga Provincial Health Authority (PHA) to bringing back the Porgera Hospital staff and to reopen the Bank South Pacific (BSP) service at Paiam.

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