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Taps Off Day Challenge to Help Provide Easy Water Access to PNG, Fiji and Vanuatu

Image source: The Guardian

by Kiwiana Ngabung – EMTV Online, Port Moresby

Coinciding with World Water Day on March 22, Oxfam New Zealand has come up with a 24-hour challenge that aims to help its neighbouring Pacific countries have access to clean water.

The ‘Taps Off Day Challenge’ launched today in New Zealand with the release of a short film starring comedian and TV personality, Te Radar, hopes to see thousands of New Zealanders take part by registering and pledging to the great cause of assisting Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu have access to clean and safe water.

Oxfam NZ spokeswoman, Charlene Fitisemanu, said in New Zealand they are fortunate enough to have easy access to clean and safe drinking water, however many parts of the Pacific aren’t so lucky, having to walk distances to access this necessity.

“We can all help improve this by taking part in Taps Off Day on 22 March, to help those who don’t have a tap by not turning ours on for a whole day. The money raised will do real good in helping alleviate water poverty for people in the Pacific,” Fitisemanu said.

To take part, pledgers must go to the Oxfam website to register. A minimum of NZ$10 can go a long way in lessening poverty of water. Once you make your pledge, wait till March 22 to turn those taps off.

Pledgers are asked to fill up buckets and other water vessels to drink, cook and bathe the night before in preparation for Taps Off Day.


PNG, who has a longstanding relation with New Zealand, will greatly benefit from this project, having only about 30% of the population accessing clean and safe water.

“In Papua New Guinea, women and girls spend hours every day collecting water from rivers that’s often not even safe to drink. By taking part in Taps Off Day, you can help them access clean water, so that they and their families can lead safer, healthier lives,” Te Radar says in the short film.

In related news, the theme for World Water Day this year is ‘Wastewater’, shifting the focus to developing innovative and sustainable ways of wastewater management and its potential in providing economic and financial benefits.

World Water Day is about taking action to tackle the water crisis by bringing to attention the importance of water and advocating for its sustainable use and management.

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