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June 25, 2021
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Skills Gap Training for Public Servants in Highlands region

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The Department of Implementation and Rural Development (DIRD) is currently conducting skills gap training workshop for public servants in the Highlands region to successfully implement Services Improvement Program (SIP), DIRD reports stated.

Reports received from DIRD today states the training workshops are basically on the Administrative Guidelines (AG) and Financial Instructions (FI) on the PSIP & DSIP to familiarise and comply certain process and procedures when implementing projects and programs under SIP.

These training workshops are con-currently undergoing at the respective districts in WHP and Jiwaka for one week and are for public servants of Tambul Nebilyer and Anglimp South Waghi electorates of Western Highlands and Jiwaka provinces, respectively.

Jiwaka Provincial Administrator Michael Wandil stressed that the workshop will provide an avenue for public servants in the districts and LLGs to comply with the law when implementing PSIP, DSIP and other interventions.

Mr. Wandil highlighted on the trend on newly elected MPs choosing their own administration to oversee the district and LLG affairs which results in lack of service delivery.

Anglimp South Waghi Chief Executive Officer Mr Joseph Mangro while welcoming the DIRD officials stressed that the training was the first of its kind for the district.

“We are frontlines in providing service delivery at the district and LLG levels, making sure government projects and programs are implemented under public moneys to ensure people received maximum benefits to improve their livelihoods.

“However, over the previous years we were left in the dark, we were doing things of our own and we don’t know what is happening on the ground, this is the first time I have seen an MP made arrangement for this training and we thank the current MP Joe Kuli for setting an example by providing much-needed training facilitated by DIRD and it’s an opportunity for us to know the roles and functions of the government,” Mangro said.

DIRD First Assistance Secretary of Highlands Region Gordon Wafimbi said the workshop is very important for public servants in the districts and LLGs to get to know the basics of how PSIP, DSIP, Provincial Support Grants and District Supports Grants are implemented.

“We are conducting these training and workshops so that public servants must know the process and procedures of Constitutional Grants and SIP administrative guidelines and financial instructions as a requirement under the Public Finance Management (Act) to comply,” Wafimbi said.

Wafimbi highlighted that the public servants must know how to compile acquittal reports, monitoring, scoping, budget, evaluation, project identification, selection, implementation and develop five-year development plans at the ground level so there won’t be discrepancies.

“PSIP & DSIP funds must spend according to its budget and captured in the five-year province or district development plans, so that there must be accountability and transparency maintain at all times,” he added.

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