Ramu Nico: Operations at Basamuk Refinery Are Now Stable

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Ramu Nico, operator of the Ramu Nickle Mine, says operations at its Basamuk Refinery are now stable. This follows a recent environmental incident where slurry from the refinery overflowed into the river.

According to MCC, slurry spilled into the Basamuk harbour and shoreline was from a drainage system which discolored the sea water into a maroon red, and was visible for two days.

According to MCC Vice President, Wang Baowen, emergency measures were undertaken on site by relevant departments and slurry leakage was resolved, with CEPA and MRA being informed within 24 hours of the incident.

The site’s Health, Safety and Environment Department were working on data and information collection and conducting investigations to determine the root cause of the incident.

Baowen added that the Company was conducting an internal investigation and findings will be presented to the relevant authorities including MRA and CEPA for assessment with their own investigation.|

Meriba Tulo

is a Senior Reporter and Presenter and currently anchors Resource PNG as well as EMTV's daily National News.

Meriba Tulo
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