PNGRFL Plans to Invest More in Junior Development

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By Elijah Lavett – EMTV Sports, Port Moresby

The PNG Rugby Football League aims to strengthen its junior development programs.

With various corporate houses partnering with the PNGRFL, there are plans to invest more in junior development to improve the standard of rugby league in the country.

Junior Development is important in any sport. For Rugby League in PNG, in order to be successful in the SP Hunters, Kumuls and Orchids programs, the PNGRFL has decided to invest more in the grassroots game and junior development.

In the past there was no guaranteed pathway for Rugby League players in PNG.

But with the SP Hunters program and women’s national team, the Orchids being created, this has set a platform for young players who aspire to play competitive football.

The junior development programs start from the mini mod level through to the National Schools Rugby League competition.

Investing in junior development teaches young players to learn the game at a younger age, and improves the standard of competition in all levels.

PNGRFL in partnership with NRL PNG will be carrying out these different programs throughout the country.

Elijah Lavett

is the youngest member of the EMTV Sports team at age 20. He is the resident Squash-master, but also enjoys Tennis and is an avid fan of the SP Hunters, all while hosting the long-running Sport Scene program.

Elijah Lavett