PNGDF SLT urged to inspire others

Chief of Defence Force Major General Gilbert Toropo said he intends to continue to develop the orgnization’s Senior Leadership Team and to look at how everyone can work towards achieving a reorganized Defence Force through Force 2030 and Defence 50.

He made this remark at the opening of the 2021 CDF’s Retreat this afternoon (7th July 2021). The retreat will run from 07 to 09 July in Port Moresby.

Major General Gilbert Toropo urged his Senior Leadership team which comprises Branch Heads and directors to develop and inspire others through a credible vision, a shared self-interest, and empowerment.

He also urged the branch heads to be accountable for the output of their branches and to live, breathe and demonstrate the culture and behaviours that the organization aspires to.

“We have our values already defined for us, we must tangibly as Senior Leaders, be seen to be living them,” Major General Gilbert Toropo said.

The CDF also expressed his gratitude for the hard work of the men and women of PNGDF in the last twelve months.

“Despite the constraints and restrictions imposed by COVID-19 and increased output that the organization has been directed to undertake, PNGDF has continued to deliver its core tasks.”

The CDF’s retreat looked at the present and will set the baseline for next year in the next two days.  The retreat will also consider the importance of the Kumul Leadership Framework and its importance as PNGDF forges a pathway forward and as the Senior Leadership team decide how over the next twelve to fifteen months reinforce the culture and lead the organization forward through actions and deeds.

The retreat also looked at the progress of the Defence Assessment and 2021 Defence White Paper. The White Paper team has a deadline of October 2021 to deliver. The team has also looked at the process that PNGDF is going to undertake and deliver the future force; Defence 50, a force that will deliver, in full, the mandated core tasks and complement the Vision 2050 aspirations.

The retreat will also review PNGDF’s Three Year Plan for amendments and updates which will enable members of the SLT to develop their 2022 Statement of Intent and output plans after the retreat.

At the end of the three-day retreat, the Strategic Leadership team will collectively decide on the three or four key things to deliver in terms of driving the force forward over the next twelve to eighteen months.

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