PNGCA offering professional counselling training qualifications

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By Lillian Sopera Keneqa – EMTV News, Port Moresby

The Papua New Guinea Counselling Association is now offering three professional counselling training qualifications in the country.

On Wednesday, the PNGCA showcased the Certificate IV in Counselling to higher education institutions and government departments to take on board this course.

The Association believes that counselling is a powerful intervention to help people overcome personal difficulties, and work towards positive change.

Counselling has become increasingly used in PNG, especially as an intervention to support and empower survivors of Family and Sexual Violence. Therefore, the need to ensure quality of counselling is critical.

In the last year, PNGCA has made significant steps towards building accredited counsellor training qualifications and making efforts to regulate the profession.

The three professional counselling training qualifications offered are Diploma in Counselling by APTC, Certificate IV in Counselling and Basic Counselling Training.

Guest Speaker, Mrs. Parkop, who is a counsellor by profession, says this is an emerging profession and the need to ensure the quality of training, is important.

Lillian Keneqa

Lillian Keneqa (pronounced KE-NE-YA) has a degree in Journalism & Public Relations , with a Minor in English Communication from the University of Papua New Guinea. She joined the News Department as a Journalist in December, 2017. When Lillian is not Journaling, she enjoys photography, graphic designing and traveling.

Lillian Keneqa