PMV Services Must Improve to Cater for Public Transport Needs

By Jack Lapauve Jr – EMTV News, Port Moresby

With the APEC Leaders’ Summit just months away, the Road Traffic Authority wants current PMV services to improve to cater for the transportation needs of the public.

According to RTA Chief Executive Officer, Mr Nelson Terema, to provide better PMV services to meet the public’s need for transport, the PMV transport system must change. Mr Terema, says the current surveys and frameworks under RTA’s responsibilities are seeing progress with relevant State agencies. He says responsible authorities and agencies are working on a number of initiatives to be implemented by PMV operators. One is getting operators to form an association or grouping.

So far, PMV operators in NCD have had consultative meetings to form an established entity where all PMV owners will report to. The RTA Chief Executive says this will be easier to make changes in the city’s transport sector. Terema says a similar approach will be followed for taxi services.

Kanny Taxi Service owner, Wek Kewa, visited Mexico recently to observe how Taxi services operate. He says PNG is developing, and current standards of service must improve. RTA, UN Women and NCDC are currently carrying out a survey to assess the demand and supply of PMV services in the city.

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