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New Swim Coach, Xandro Molata

Swimmers are heading towards gold medals with a new gym coach on board.

Xandro Molata, appointed by PNGSI to be the swimmers gym coach yesterday, gave an update on our swimmers’ training progression.


Xandro is happy with his training routines for the swimmers, and believes the swimmers are in the right shape and getting the right type of training the swimmers should be.


Swimming Coach Xandro Molato, who is training our swimmers at the gym, yesterday said our swimmers are improving. Molato who was appointed by PNGSI as gym coach, highlighted some key areas where upon his evaluations, proved that the progress of swimmers is improving.


With close evaluations of a fitness regime in the gym, he is quite happy with the results, and believes that our swimmers are ready for their upcoming events as well as the 2015 Pacific Games.


With great results proven both in pool and gym, he is willing to work extra hard with our swimmers, to make them more advanced, and to a certain standard in preparations for 2015.


Strength and conditioning program for the swimmers covered; girth measurements, skin fold measurements, physical advancement and performance advancement. These were the key areas, the swimming coach was focusing on.


Despite having a very busy week with training and national championships, swimmers are now preparing to leave for Brisbane, Australia for a swimming. 


Training will continue for the swimmers while in and out of the country. This also applies to some of our swimmers that are leaving and studying abroad.

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