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June 22, 2021
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Man arrested for multiple murders of wife, step-daughters and babysitter

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By Vasinatta Yama, EMTV  News– Mt Hagen

A man in his mid-30s  has been arrested by Mt. Hagen police for killing his wife, two step daughters and their baby sitter.

The motive behind the murder is still unknown as police begin  their investigations. The incident happened on Monday afternoon, between 2pm  and 6pm.   Police say  initial indications are that  Christopher Kamo Johnson planned the murders beforehand.  Police say, Kamo strangled his six and eight-year-old step-daughters and stabbed them before they could scream for help.

He then locked the door, and stabbed the baby sitter in the throat.

The family’s landlord said  he was in his house when the  incident happened.   It was done  quietly and Kamo did not create  any suspicion.  Police said  after killing the baby sitter and the girls, he took his one year old biological daughter to his friend’s house and told them to keep his  child. He told them  that he had urgent work to do and that he had no baby sitter to look after his  daughter that evening.

Kamo,  then   returned home and waited for his wife, Silingo Lamu,  to finish work. Investigators said as soon as Lamu went inside the house, the suspect  locked the door, and hit his wife’s head with a stone. It was then  that  Paul Kupp,  the landlord heard Lamu  yell out and fall  heavily  on the floor.

“I heard her fall to the cement floor.  There was a big noise.  I heard her groan heavily. I knew something was seriously wrong.”

Kupp said Kamo closed the windows and shut the curtains making it difficult to see what was going on.  When Kupp knocked on the  windows.  Kamo told him, it was  a family disagreement and  things were alright.

“I heard her breathing  and I knew things were not right.”

Before the Paul Kupp  could help, Kamo had  stabbed his wife  multiple times and then escaped.

Bodies of the two girls, their baby sitter and their mother  are now at the Mt. Hagen morgue and will be transported to their home Province in Morobe tomorrow. The suspect is currently in police custody and is yet to be charged.

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