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Madang Town Experiencing Water Disruptions

By Martha Louis – EMTV News, Madang

More than a thousand WaterPNG customers in Madang are raising serious distress over the water problem faced in the township for almost a month.

The residents have resorted to using water tanks, or drums and wells to capture rain water for drinking, cooking and washing.

Residents have demanded answers from WaterPNG Management in Madang but to no avail.

It has been a month since the water supply into Madang town came to a halt without any explanation from WaterPNG Management in Madang.

New Town Resident, Patricia Gaga, and her family have been using water tanks to catch rain water to use for cooking, washing, and drinking.

Gaga says her family reuses the same water for other household chores including washing.

The family is impatient and want the management of WaterPNG Madang to give them an answer.

Working class residents have also told EMTV of other means they have resorted to facing this water issue, while Modilon General Hospital has also scaled down its operations as a result of no supply of water for the last 4 weeks.

Madang Business Centre Manager, Patrick Jinimbo, in an email, advised EMTV that they are doing all they can to bring water into town, in particular the New Town area.

They had put in a smaller capacity pump to assist the other 2 pumps which are not pumping enough water, due to wear and tear after flooding.

For now, WaterPNG is rationing water to the town at certain time intervals to make sure residents have water.

Water is opened at these following times for residents to access:

  • 3am (open)
  • 10 am (close)
  • 2pm (open)
  • 9pm (close)

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