LNG Landowners Call For Open Dialogue with the Government

Landowners in the Liquefied Natural Gas Project in Hela Province are calling on the National Government, for an open dialogue before creating policies or benefit payMen’s.

Representatives from PDL one, five, eight, and pipeline project areas visited EMTV to air their concerns to relevant government ministries and developer, Exxon Mobil.

The 3 landowners echoed sentiMen’s of delayed  techniques played by the government in paying out benefits to landowner groups and the lack of consultation between the people and government.

They say the project is a multi-billion project and no problem should directly concern landowners.

Samson Emola who is a mix parentage of PDL 1 and 5 says, the Ewa Poro and Paru Tirin people have been left out for unknown reasons after clan vetting was done by the Department of Petroleum and Energy.

Moran PDL 6 spokesperson Luke Mangala a former teacher says the approach taken by the PNG Government in involving landowner shares is way below average unlike other Pacific countries.   

Meanwhile Chief from the PDL 8 in Angore, Ayakiru Page called on Prime Minister Peter O&rsquO’Neill to involve landowners directly in the semi business forum which is yet to be held by the government.

He says all landowners from Juha down to NapaNapa must be involved to present their views.

The leaders say the LNG project is huge and all pressing issues will only be solved if the government has an open dialogue.

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