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July 24, 2021

Atiyafa: Put Politics Aside

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Henganofi MP and Police Minister, Robert Atiafa, told a gathering in Faientina yesterday, that Port Moresby’s politics has to be separated from the routine duties of service delivery.

Atiyafa expressed strong support for the PM and said what the country needs are good roads and services and not a new Prime Minister or a new government.

The public response has been telling of how urban and rural perspectives on Waigani politics differ.


In the Faientina area of Henganofi, Eastern Highlands, roads are a lifeline.  Here, people are oblivious to the politics of Waigani. It doesn’t matter who comes or goes as prime minister.  Many expressed that all they want is for services to be delivered in this much neglected area.


On this part of the district, a 10 kilometre road has been reconstructed after more than 30 years. By the end of the year, it will be gravelled and turned into an all-weather road.


Henganofi MP, Robert Atiyafa, also the current police minister, says the politics of Waigani   must be separated from the daily struggles of service delivery. Yesterday, new machines bought with some of the K10 million of district funding allocated in the 2014 budget, were brought to Faientina area. Another group of villages are also seeing their roads rebuilt.

For the people, this is what really matters. Not the politics. Not the change of prime ministers – just good roads, health services and schools.


Just a few days ago, Unitech Students called for the PM to resign.   Their argument is that institutions of state and systems of government aren’t being respected. While both sides of the arguMen’s have validity, the differing views of rural and urban populace are in vast contrast.

While the urban dweller focus on the how’s- the processes and procedures and the characters involved on a larger scale- those in rural areas, are more focused on what kind of tangible services they’re getting and how soon.

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