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January 24, 2021

Law and Order Breakdown in Mt Hagen City

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By Vasinatta Yama – EMTV News, Mt Hagen

Mt Hagen City residents are concerned that there is a breakdown of law and order in the city. There have been continuous attacks by thugs on people, demanding their handbags and money. People are being randomly attacked and residents have been advised to take precautions.

Mt Hagen, being the 3rd city of Papua New Guinea, is not safe and welcoming anymore. Residents fear walking alone in the City or going to work, shops or doing other daily chores.

Telikom PNG Highlands Regional Manager, Pang Pawa, is concerned that the indication of recent crimes and attacks in the City has proven that law and order is getting out of hand. One of Telikom Mt Hagen’s female staff was confronted by a thug demanding her to give him her hand bag containing money and her belongings. Christine Kanzy nearly lost her hand, but was rushed to the hospital and got her hand stitched up. Christine was attacked with a bush knife, but managed to get her belongings when she called out for help.

In a similar attack, a man was hacked on his right arm on Monday afternoon after some thugs demanded him to give his bag to them. Another woman who was standing at the public bus stop to travel to Wabag got her hand chopped when she refused to give her bag away.
Mt Hagen City residents are appealing to local MPs and police to beef up manpower in the City and the hotspot areas to ensure free movement of people and traffic.

An attempt to get the Provincial Police Commander to comment was unsuccessful.

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