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Justice For Colip

The wife a victim of a recent police shooting is appealing for justice.

Now a widow, Lapu Colip expressed the loss of her husband late Ronald Kolip stating the family’s bread winner was killed for no purpose.

A community leader says five eye witnesses have been identified to come forward and present their story to authorities.

The Mautana Community in Port Moresby is still mourning the death of Late Ronald Kolip who was shot by police on June 6th at the Rainbow bus stop in Port Moresby.

Community leaders say 5 eye witnesses will be talking to police to assist with investigation.

Late Ronald Kolip was doing a bus transition at the Rainbow bus stop when he was shot during a police raid at the bus stop. He was assisted to the hospital but died later.

Community leaders are also questioning the approach by police. Kolip’s wife, Lapu says her husband was a kind father who provided daily for the family.

His loss is now affects the family to defend for themselves.

The Mautana Community is appealing to authorities to donate cash or kind and support the investigation so justice is served as it can happen to anyone in public.

Late Ronald Colip is survived by his 3 sons and wife.

His is the third death relating to a police shooting at Rainbow. A post mortem is scheduled for today.

By Jack Lapauve Jnr, EMTV News, Port Moresby

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