Instances of election fraud reported in the Moresby North-West elections

Phylma Timea grew up in Port Moresby. Her family has never lived outside of North Waigani suburb over the last twenty years.

Phylma Timea.

Before the 2017 elections, she registered with the electoral commission. But when Phylma Timea went to vote yesterday,  electoral officials told her that her name wasn’t on the electoral roll.   

She also found that other members of her family couldn’t find their names when they went to vote.

“When I asked them why my wasn’t on the common roll, an electoral official told her that it was okay and that she can vote but using another person’s name.

A frustrated Phylma told EMTV News that she found that odd and has a tax payer she has to be able to vote under her name and not somebody elses.

“It is frustrating that I don’t get to have a say in who I want to elect to speak on my behalf,” she says.

Phylma is just one of many voters who came back disappointed yesterday. 

Many of her neighbors were also unable to vote and came back frustrated with the Election commission officials.

A neighbors told us she voted under her daughter’s name because her name was not on the common roll.

She also revealed that her daughter was allowed to voted under her own name, after she (Mother) used her name to vote.

She questions how this was allowed to happen.

Within  this week alone,  there has been at least one arrest of  person attempting to buy votes.  There were several instances where police had to physically remove people trying to double vote.

This morning East Sepik Governor Allan Bird echoed public concerns that  North West is a frightening indication of what may come in 2022 when Papua New Guineans go to the polls.

Moresby North West By-Election returning officer Desmond Timiyaso confirmed these instances and said the common roll used was from 2017 General Elections.

He said the Electoral Commission will look into this issue and update the rolls.

The counting will commence on Monday 7th June 2021.

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