Former MP dismayed over statement by Housing Minister

By Jack Lapauve Jr – EMTV News, Port Moresby

Former North East MP, Labi Amaiu, is disappointed over the Housing Minister John Kaupa’s comments of him owning 301 titles outside Port Moresby. Seven days after Minister Kaupa’s statement, Mr Amaiu spoke for himself.

A vocal Amaiu expressed his disappointment and described the comments as a political score by Minister Kaupa with their election petition case nearing. Amaiu says Kaupa’s comments are misleading as he has no link with the business owning the 301 titles.

The former North East MP is seeking for an apology otherwise he will be pressing charges against the comments made by the Housing Minister. The 301 land titles relate to a land near Duran Farm. Mr Amaiu says he has no say in the portion of land titles given to the company Minister Kaupa was relating to. He says Kaupa has misled the public.

Minister Kaupa and Mr Amaiu will be attending their election court case today at the Waigani Courts. Amaiu added that Kaupa’s comments are just to score political points.

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