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EMTV Signs MOU with Simbu Provincial Government for Re-transmission in the Province

By Meleasie Goviro – EMTV News, Port Moresby

Simbu Governor, Michael Dua, signed a Memorandum of Agreement with EMTV yesterday (May 9), to re-establish EMTV transmission in the province.

He says his decision to bring back EMTV coverage stems from concern that Simbu people have not had access to vital information broadcasted on the news for too long.

This move falls in line with the Simbu Governor’s long term plans to improve the lifestyle of his people by introducing basic services.

Simbu last had EMTV coverage in the area 5 years ago.

Signing the MOU has now paved the way for EMTV to install EMTV Terrestrial Television Transmission in Kundiawa Town.

Simbu Governor, Michael Dua, also disclosed plans to possibly extend EMTV coverage into other districts as well.

“We have close to 300, 000 people in Simbu. We cannot center everything around the township, it has to go to the rural areas as well.”

EMTV’s Acting CEO, Ms Devika Prasad, and head of engineering, Mr Demas Keta, were present to witness the signing of the MoU.

Mr Keta who will be spearheading the technical aspects of the agreement, explained the details:

“EMTV re-transmission is just like any project. It will be a one-off cost for the initial project, and an annual cost (commission) will be based on regular maintenance and hire of other facilities that both the Government and EMTV will be hiring”

“As soon as the funding is available, then we can acquire the equipment. It shouldn’t take more than a month”

The Simbu Provincial Government has agreed to put up K206, 000 to launch the initial project.

Both parties are yet to discuss finer details of the annual cost involved in the maintenance of the facilities.

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