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The feeder roads in the Kairuku district of Central Province have been deteriorating and affecting commuters on a mission to earn an income to sustain their family needs.

The bad weather or continuous rain experienced recently has affected the roads by washing away parts of it.

People have been pushing their vehicles through mud, to cross the bad sections of the road. This has affected local people’s need to transport their produce to the market as well as travel for other business.

A mother also a primary school head teacher Margret Aisi expressed the challenges she went through in travelling to and from.

“With the road problem, I travelled by land and sea which is very difficult and costly,” Aisi said.

Mrs Aisi also stressed that the hike in the fuel prices also affects her to travel via dinghy.

It is very expensive with fuel here, so I have to pay extra fees to travel by sea to transport school materials” she said.

A concerned village councilor Michael Paisi took the opportunity to ask the local MP Peter Isoaimo over the weekend to look at fixing their roads.

In response, the MP Isoaimo assured the people that he will look at fixing the road.

“You all must understand that, no engineering company does road work in wet season,” he said.

“We hope that the wet season will go away by April or May so that we can look for some contractors to fix our roads properly so we can use them”.

Mr Isoaimo said, the election petition filed against him is another factor that contributes to slow development in the district. Once the case is clear, he will concentrate on district development.

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