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Captain America: The Winter Soldier, A Film Review

Captain America doesn’t come close to disappointing on the action front with Chris Evans shining once again as the tortured and big-hearted protagonist who still hates bullies and still yearns for peace, his past and real friendship. 


Whether it is a comic-based movie or simply a fiction piece, it is difficult to create a villain who comes across as truly frightening with believable or valid motivations but the real enemy that this Marvel film seems to play on is a tricky one: trust.


Sebastian Stan gives a stellar performance of the Winter Soldier, a highly mysterious and complicated assassin who provides intense high-speed action scenes, leaving you in doubt about whether the Captain will succeed or fall.


You would expect to see an overindulgence in patriotism, what with our blue, red and white hero but this is not so; alongside ex-KGB agent the Black Widow (played by a refreshingly humorous Scarlett Johansson) and a new and very special ex-marine friend, Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie), Captain America quickly delves into a dark and extraordinarily massive secret that throws him out of cover from his CIA-like organization S.H.I.E.L.D. and threatens even the life of Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson).


The action scenes are riveting with director brothers Anthony and Joe Russo bringing sequence after sequence of rousing, fluid and highly-pumped dilemmas. Chris Evans is brilliant as always in his role, with his strong morals portrayed through his unassumingly innocent face, contrasting perfectly with his massive frame that dares you to joke about his star spangled bodysuit.


In such a high-budget blockbuster action film, Chris Evans still manages to win over emotionally in his quest to gain some meaning and substance in the whirlwind life he was so unfairly tossed into.


The climax of the movie is all too familiar, with the Earth and all that is good coming to an end complete with a ticking deadline, but the Captain’s struggles, both emotionally and physically, are hair-raising and the antagonists are more lethal than ever.


All in all, the movie is definitely a spring up from its predecessor Captain America: The First Avenger, and draws you in with some unexpected yet appreciated humour and classic one-liners. I would definitely recommend this movie as it is spiked copiously with cutthroat action sequences, solid performances and explosive visuals.


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