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April 8, 2020
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Boana Technical in Urgent Need of Government Assistance

The Boana Technical Secondary School in Nawaeb that was built in 2010 is not yet operating.

The buildings are half completed with less attention from the provincial government.

Students find it very difficult to look for spaces in schools in Lae because of the current road condition.

Nawaeb MP said he would make it a priority to have these areas fixed.

The Boana Technical Secondary School was built in 2010. Construction has come to a halt because the contractor has left.

According to a local Councilor, there are no proper record of the contractor engaged and how much DSIP funds was used to help build these classrooms.

The Nawaeb MP said a proper investigation will be carried out on the contractor engaged and how money was spent.

Boana is one of the rural areas in Morobe and has 6 primary schools.

With the road conditions, parents and students find it very hard to travel to Lae.

The Head Teacher of Peter Rai Primary School, located within on a mountain away from the station said, the school is also in need of urgent assistance from the government.

This is exactly what the driver of vehicles and passengers face as they travel from Boana to Lae everyday.

It normally takes a day and a half, by then, food produce such as these greens are already damaged before they reach Lae market.

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