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Bernard Kakori Hopes to Inspire Others to Pursue their Dreams

Among the graduating students, today was a young man from East Sepik who grew up in a settlement and shared his story with hopes to inspire others to never give up on their dreams.

27-year-old Bernard Kakori grew up in Kamkumung settlement in Lae, doing gardening by day and studying under candle lights by night, but he didn’t let that stop him from chasing his dream of making his uncle and mother proud.

Daring to dream is what got Bernard through life since he was a boy.

For Bernard, life was tough. His mother had left for Port Moresby in search of employment. He grew up with his uncle, his mum’s smaller brother. And life in the settlement as described by Bernard was tough, his family had very little money and they relied only on the garden food harvested from their garden.

Bernard knew education was the only way out to find a better life.

Speaking to EMTV News, Bernard recalled a time when his Uncle cautioned him if he messed up with his studies.

“My Uncle sat me down when I was in Grade 7, showed me a bullet, and told me that he had carved my name on the bullet and if I mess up my studies, he would shoot me”, recalled Bernard.

Keeping his Uncle’s words in mind, Bernard strived for academic excellence, topping his classes from Primary right through to Secondary.

In 2010, his mother offered to buy his plane ticket to Port Moresby so he could complete his secondary school studies in Port Moresby.

But he declined and assured his mother that he was going to make it to UPNG and that the government through the Office of Higher Education would pay for his ticket when the time was right.

His dreams came through in 2015 when he was selected to do Business Foundation at the University of Papua New Guinea.

“I resided at Talaigu dorm and this was my first time to have slept in a facility that has running water and electricity,” says Kakori.

Bernard stayed true to his goal of graduating with a Bachelor of Economics and today joined the 400 other students celebrating his achievement.

Sadly for him though, his Uncle who helped raise him up and whose strong words kept him focused wasn’t here today to witness his big day. He had passed on early last month.

“I would like to dedicate my Degree to my mother and especially my late uncle,” said Kakori.

Bernard now sets his eyes on becoming a financial advisor one day and hopes his story would inspire other young people to chase their dream no matter what their situation may be.

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