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Woman Leader calls for better Services in Manawete

By Jim John

Over 4000 people in Manawete region in Western Province are lacking basic health care and education services.These issues have been affecting the lives of youths and community members for more than 15 years.

President for Women and Children’s Association in the region, Philma Samo said the quest for good governance is a need in the 20 villages of Manawete.

In Manawete region, one of the eight trust region in CMCA corridor in Western Province, youths have not been attending schools and villagers are not accessing proper health care services due to run down school and health facilities within the region.

Teapopo Primary School and Gaima Primary School, the feeder schools to Awaba Secondary School and Daru Secondary School has few teachers with limited teaching and learning materials where only less students in the region attend classes.

According to Samo,, the Kawiapo health centre has no health worker including Teapopo health centre whilst Kea and Padaya Aid Post are not operating due to run down facilities including Wasuwa health centre which exists but has limited clinical services.

“Before Ok Tedi Mine closes, proper facilities should be established as teachers houses, classrooms, staff houses for health workers and health centres must be improved. Health and Education services are two key priority areas that I want leaders to improve in my region which will benefit my people”, stated Samo.

She said lack of proper planning and inconsistent funding has been a major development challenges for Manawete region adding community leaders, the district, provincial and key stakeholders should work together for better changes in villages within Western Province.

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