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Waghi Tumbe books second spot for Intercity Cup Grand Final

JPG Waghi Tumbe are headed for the grand final of the Inter-City cup competition after knocking off Mendi Muruks in a head-on clash today.

In the opening first half of the match, both teams wrestled out in the first 11 minutes; Waghi Tumbe’ five-eight, Saki Peter, scored the first try to break the silence as 6-0.

Just at the 18th minute, Muruks second rower, Julius Yakopa, responded with their first ever try with an unsuccessful conversion leaving the score at 6-4.

Tumbe’s five-eight, Saki Peter, again scored a try to put his team in front.

In the 31st minute, another try was awarded by Tumbe winger, Robert Koronus moving their score up to 18-4.

A few minutes before the first half ended, Muruks winger replied with another try bringing score line 10-18 with Tumbe leading in the first half.

It was a tough second-half for both teams as they held-on to their defence.

Then in the 63rd minute, Tumbe interchange, Francis Sam scored a try right after coming off the bench turning the score to 24-10.

Muruks forward, Nelson Yei swiftly returned the favour to put an extra 6 points onto the muruks leaderboard.

Ending the final dying minutes of the match, Tumbe Half-back, David Joseph, took a shocking field goal right before the final try was made by Job Kar. The Tumbe’s went off to end the game in a margin scoreline of 31-16.

Man of the match was awarded to the Tumbe Skipper, Joe Frank.

JPG Waghi Tumbe now look forward to playing their first ever grand final against the Lae Snax Tigers on Sunday 12th September at the oil search NFS.

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