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UPNG Students attend Training to Share the Love of Christ

By Lilian Sopera Keneqa – EMTV News, Port Moresby

Forty-five students from the University of Papua New Guinea spent the Easter weekend learning about how to share the love of Christ to everyone they meet. These training programs were hosted by Studentlife, the University ministry of Great Commission Movements PNG.

PNG GCM Director, Daniel Mills, said the training is not only to have people witness but also to be movement builders through discipleship to make an impact everywhere they go.

Easter is a time to remember what Christ did for mankind more than 2000 years ago on the cross of Calvary, by dying for our sins to bring everyone the choice to eternal life.

The students, selflessly gave up 3 days of catch up study time, to attend the Studentlife Easter conference, to get training on how to share the love of Christ with individuals.

For Roselyn Erehe and Livai Aki, it was their first time to experience such an event.

They both found it extremely fulfilling to approach individuals and share the gospel of love.

Roselyn said her experience attending the training was one that made her think about many things.

One would expect everyone to be open to the gospel since this is a Christian country, but the response that she got was quite the opposite. But it only made her more determined to bear witness to more people.

Great Commission Movements PNG Director, Daniel Mills, said this conference not only trains individuals to share the gospel, but also gives individuals the chance to learn about discipleship and making an impact everywhere they go through movement building.

The Studentlife Movement is an interdenominational organization aimed at reaching tomorrow’s leaders today through evangelism to make an impact in society.

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