UPNG Jiwaka Students Fellowship sees young leaders graduate

University of Papua New Guinea Jiwaka Students Fellowship (UPNGJSF) graduated yet another group of young leaders during its 7th Annual Graduation on Saturday, 25th February, at Waigani Evangelical Brotherhood Church.

Graduating loyal and dedicated members every year, UPNGJSF proudly sent out a total of 15 young leaders who were committed to the organisation during their studies at the university.

Elizah Palme, who is the former UPNGJSF President says although the universities graduate thousands of Papua New Guineans, they rarely graduate God-fearing young men and women who can take corruption heads on.

“Yes, Universities graduate thousands of Papua New Guineans yearly, but universities rarely graduate Godly young men and women who can take corruption head on”.

Palme says corruption is practical and just speaking against corruption, is not actually fighting it.

“We have to be practical when it comes to the fight against corruption, by preparing a generation as young as these who cannot tolerate corruption.”

Hercules Jim, one of the graduands affirmed that true leaders are raised in such organisations and in the church.

“Such organisation and the church hold the solutions to this nation’s problems”. Jim says.

The nine student graduands, graduated with the certificate of recognition, for their dedication to the organisation. Ismael Nelson, Ginnie Melpa, Jackie Kum, Jessica Kum, Harrison White, Hercules Jim, James Robert and Bill Kulangie were congratulated for their dedication to UPNG JSF.

Also graduating with leadership certificates were Jacob Gabriel, Bill Kulangie, James Robert, Tony Kombaninga, Dickson Yom and Lydia Robert.

During the graduation, new executives were also nominated to continue the operation of the organisation this year.

Present at the graduation were former members who are now in workforce, pioneers, parent reps, church reps and Jiwaka students at the University of Papua New Guinea.

“I thank you all for working with me in bringing the fellowship this far to build our young leaders in Christ.” said Jacob Gabriel, UPNGJSF president.

Gabriel, a third year Physics and Electronics student at UPNG is the seventh president of the UPNGJSF, and was awarded with Leadership Certificate for his leadership role in the organisation.

UPNG JSF is a registered organisation with the UPNG Students Administration and Recreational Office, with the vision to build intellectuals with strong principles, values and character to be agents of change in Papua New Guinea.

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