Tok Piksa Episode 8, 2014

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In this Episode:


In this edition of Tok Piksa, we speak to Waliya Abilo, Deputy Commissioner Border Security, and Karo Kila, Assistant Commissioner Border Management with PNG Customs.



These two gentleman are direct managers to customs officers on the ground.

Two recent incidents at the Jacksons International Airport put the spotlight on the importance of having Customs officers policing our borders.


Businesses related to the importing of vehicles, is apparently big business.

Port Moresby alone can see over 100 vehicles imported every month.


This is outside of the vehicles that are imported by regular, registered, and recognised car dealerships.


When someone comes across the chance to buy what may seem a cheap vehicle online, they focus on the cost of the vehicle itself, and not the customs duties they need to include once the vehicle lands at the wharf.


Ignorance of these charges, results in a lot of disappointment, and public auctions.

The two incidents at Jacksons International this month, are a stark reminder that PNG, is a member of the global business, and also, of the global black market world.


But successful stories like these, also give us reassurance, that there is someone standing vigil on our borders.

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