Some Questions and Answers on PNG 2017 Elections

Why vote in the 2017 elections?

All eligible Papua New Guineans have the right to vote as conferred by Section 50 of the Constitution.

  • By voting, you help make democracy work and play a part in keeping Papua New Guinea’s democracy alive and protected. You help make sure ordinary people have a say in the way the country is governed.
  • By voting, you are using your right as a citizen to choose your government.
  • Voting is your chance to pick the people – in both the national government and the government of your province – who you think will deliver the services you need, and protect your rights.
  • You can vote for anyone you want – the party you supported in earlier elections, a different party, or a new party. Your vote is secret and nobody can tell you who to vote for.
  • Your Vote Is Your Power.

When are the PNG 2017 elections?

The Papua New Guinea Electoral Commission (PNGEC) has already released the dates for the 2017 General Elections with the theme, “Your Choice, Protect Democracy” with the slogan, “Think, Own and Vote Now.”

According to the PNGEC, the issuing of writs will coincide with the opening of nominations at 4 pm on Thursday 20 April 2017.

Nominations will be open for a period of seven days and will close at 4 pm on Thursday 27 April, 2017.

Polling period starts on Saturday 24 June and ends 14 days later on Saturday 8 July, 2017.

All writs for the National Elections are expected to be returned before 24 July while writs for Local Level Government elections should be returned on Monday 7 August 2017.

Who can vote in the elections?

You can vote in the elections if:

  • You are a citizen of Papua New Guinea
  • You are 18 or older
  • You must be enrolled once to vote in 2017 Elections. This means your (voter) information is on the electoral roll.

Where and when should you be enrolled?

  • Enrollment is currently underway and will end on April 20 2017.
  • You should Enrol at your respective Ward. The enrollment agents will be visiting every ward in your Province to conduct electoral Roll Updates and New Enrolments.

For more information on Enrolment, please visit or call your Provincial Electoral or District Office now.

How do I check if I am registered to vote in the 2017 elections?

With internet access, you can check your name on the roll online on www.pngec.gov.pg. You can also visit or call your nearest Electoral Roll Update Location now.

Special Cases

Questions were raised over how Electoral Commission can address electors who might not be at the respective polling station during the time of polling for various reasons. What provisions are in place for those with special cases including

  • electors who are infirm, old, ill, living with a disability or pregnant during the time of polling
  • Electors living overseas
  • For prisoners, do they have equal rights under the constitution and Organic law of PNG as other citizens to register as an elector to vote in the elections?

Attempts by EMTV Online to get comments from the Electoral Commission was unsuccessful.


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