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January 25, 2022
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Proposal For Change Of Political Leadership

By Mortimer Yangharry

People’s Reform Party (PRP) parliamentary leader and North Fly Open MP Hon.James Donald strongly believes that the change of political leadership in Papua New Guinea is the only way forward in addressing the economic and social woes the country is experiencing.

“PRP believes in fixing the leadership issue first as it’s number one reform platform.” Donald said.

A determined Donald reiterated that family, tribe, village, ward, LLGs, district, province, and the nation rises and falls with leadership.

“All other things falls automatically in line depending on type of stewardship. We don’t need to look else where to fix our issues. We must take responsibility and fix our leadership issue first.” Donald said.

The first term Opposition MP quoted an old Chinese proverb saying that “fish will always rot from the head” which is true.

People’s Reform Party officially and formally received its political party affiliation certificate from the  Office of the Registrar of Political Parties and Candidates Dr.Alphonse Gelu on Tuesday November 24,2021.

People’s Reform Party (PRP) number one policy and priority is to make certain legislative reforms to allow the people to directly vote for the Prime Minister.

People’s Reform Party (PRP) will endorse candidates throughout Papua New Guinea during the coming 2022 National General Elections and need the support of the people to form the next government.

“People’s Reform Party (PRP) will ensure that the government is voted by the people, that the government is for the people and that the government is made up of the people.” Donald said.

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