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Prime Minister: SABLs are Illegal


The Community Advocacy group, Act Now, released a statement today accusing the Lands Minister, Benny Allen, for delaying the implementation of Government’s decision to end the land grabbing associated with the Special Agricultural and Business Leases, and return stolen land to its customary owners.

Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, was asked to comment about the recent incident reported in the media about the SABL issue.

O’Neill said, “We have cancelled all the licenses. All the SABL licenses are illegal in this country. So I think that it’s best that you ask the agencies …why are these licenses and operators still operating. Somebody is not doing their job.

 The Prime Minister reiterated that the Special Agriculture Business Leases are illegal.

 “SABL licenses are illegal in this country.  But you know, some people have disregard for the decisions that we are making and this is where police and lands department and agencies of our government must work together to go and stop these people. And most of them are not Papua New Guineans so why are they still in the country? They should be put on the plane and sent back home.” He added.

 There has been renewed pressure on the Lands Department from landowners, and the general public who presented a 10,000-signature petition, calling for the implementation of the Prime Minister’s promises.


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