Positive Changes Witnessed Despite Women Facing Challenges

Although women in PNG are faced with hardship and fall victim of domestic violence, many positive changes are evident.

Wife of Prime Minister and Business woman, Lynda Babao O’Neill brought this fact out during the panel discussion at the International Women’s Day celebration.

She stated that women who are in executive positions need to help other women and not stag their growth.

Women all over the world face different challenges, especially in a male-dominated arena.

Many times it’s easier to see all the negativity more than the small positive progress that is happening.

Mrs Babao O’Neill voiced her opinion stating that so much positive changes have happened especially in the agriculture sector.

Women are now employed and making the same amount of money as their male counterparts.

Telikom PNG IT General Manager, Bosa Togs oversees the whole of Telikom’s technology infrastructure, applications, data and the teams who drive new developments and innovations. As a manager, she sees progress as help those who work with her to advance in their careers.

Deputy Prime Minister stated that women need to work together and help each other. He was also concerned that there were no women represented in parliament.

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