Olsem Wanem Programs

Olsem Wanem Program

Olsem Wanem is a locally produced program for EMTV that is aired weekly on Saturday at 5pm.      

The aim of this program is to hear the views from all those who live in the Country and use the services it offers. The program presents an unbiased view when dealing with issues such as infrastructure, health systems, education, law and order and other important issues affecting our people. It is structured in a way that seeks the truth for the benefit of both the public and the authorities

It is hoped that through this programme the need for change can be identified and acted upon.

The name Olsem Wanem(What’s happening) is appropriate because people ask that questions all the time.  They are in need of information even the most obscure details of a system such as health, education or law and order so they don’t feel left out.

This program has not been created to defame or degrade any person or organization but rather to get a greater depth of perception on the issues facing ordinary Papua New Guineans.

Staffs say this has been an ongoing problem, a down side of the Public Private Partnership Memorandum of Agreement.

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