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NCDC To Introduce Tougher Betelnut Ban Penalties

by Theckla Gunga – EM TV, Port Moresby

The National Capital District Commission will be looking at introducing tougher penalties in an attempt to maintain the betelnut ban in Port Moresby.

Through its betelnut ban enforcement unit, NCDC will be sending notices to business houses and main shopping centres to stop vendors from selling betelnut in their business premises.

Meanwhile at the Laloki check point, betelnut enforcers confiscated ten to twenty bags of betelnut during the day and around 30 bags at night.

These betelnut enforcers do a thorough check on every vehicle that comes into Port Moresby to make sure betelnut weighting over two kilograms is not transported in.

If a person is found with a bag of betelnut, the bag is cut and thrown into a yellow bin; the vehicle is then impounded and taken to the NCDC depot.

This video shows a number of different types of vehicles that were recently impounded by the enforcement unit.

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