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Mortimer Yangharry

Tribal fighting is an hindrance to service and development and by all means must be immediately ceased from spreading says Wapenamanda Open MP and Vice Minister for Works and Highways Miki Kaeok. 

The Wapenamanda District Development Authority (WDDA) under the chairmanship of Vice Minister Kaeok have organised government intervention to establish peace between the Palinau and Yopokin clans of the Sikin Tribe living in the Tsak Valley constituency of Wapenamanda District. 

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the WDDA Mr.Kevin Yati led a team of the Enga Provincial Law and Order Committee members, a platoon of the PNGDF and police to hold peace talks between the two warring clans yesterday at Raiakam Lutheran Mission Station in Tsak Valley. 

The neighbouring Yambatani Tribe called for the immediate ceasefire by taking preventive measures to stop the tribal fight from spreading. 

Several Yambatani Warenge leaders resolved to put a complete stop on the Yopokins and Palinaus from trespassing through their customary land boundaries and territories. 

The Yambati tribal leaders warned the two warring factions that, if they do not agree to a ceasefire, the tribe will immediately act in the best interest of the general public by removing the bridge at Kyangapumanda to stop people and vehicles from moving up and down through the fighting zones.

The Yambatani tribal leaders urged all refugees from both factions to stay away from each other to refrain from further trouble.

The Yambatani tribal leaders assured the WDDA CEO Kevin Yati that, they will ensure the two warring factions comply to government orders for ceasefire by manning the respective borders to ensure none of both parties across enemy borders to instigate trouble. 

CEO Yati appealed to the educated elites of both warring clans to refrain from funding the tribal fight to spread instead called them to come together as one and negotiate for peace.

Yati acknowledged the nearby Ulidan and Mamakin clans for their neutrality and brave resistance in ensuring the fighting does not spill over despite the loss of many lives.

All neighbouring tribes present pledged their full support to completely stop this tribal fight once and for all.

Previously, this tribal fight has seen many lives lost with the destruction of millions of kina worth of government properties including the Tsak Secondary School burnt to ashes. 

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