Land Laws Discriminate Human Rights

Communal Land Development Limited says three per cent of customary land in Papua New Guinea has been alienated since Independence, and the biggest culprit, is the government.

Communal Land Development says the constitution doesn’t protect customary laws.

Medical Doctor, Onne Rageau, says new land registration laws also ignore human right laws by ignoring customs.

Dr. Rageau is also facing land issues in Aroma, where he comes from. He is not alone. Many are questioning the same laws.

In February this month, an award winning activist spoke about the challenges of customary land owners.

“When we want to protest, the Police are already called onto the scene,” said Pavol.

The Lands department responded on April 5, announcing for Special Agriculture Business leases to be returned.

The Lands department thinks it’s solving the problem, but the Communual Land development company says otherwise.

Papua New Guinea achieved Independence in order to protect and fully benefit from its own resources, but people are still protesting alienation, their freedom and ownership of their land.

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