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Graduates and Students Make a Medical Trip to Lower Jimi

Yesterday (27, November, 2017) saw one more Jiwaka Students & Graduates Association’s (JSAGA) Medical Tour making a special trip to Lower Jimi area in Jimi District, Jiwaka Province.

The team of 12 was led by Michael Awaliye, Secretary for Jiwaka Students and Graduates Association Inc. and consisted of medical officers including Community Health Workers, Nurses, Mid-wives and Health Extension Officers.

“Our destination is [the] Bismarck Range, the lower Jimi area and border of Jiwaka and Madang provinces,”  Awaliye told EMTV Online.

Awaliye said the team will be involved in series of activities including awareness on health, agriculture, national economics, education and also do evangelism outreaches apart from the medical check-ups.

Vice president of JSAGA Inc, Mr Elizah Palme thanked Tari General Hospital and Kudjip Nazarene Hospital for the timely donations of medical kits and supplies. Palme also acknowledged the people who contributed in cash and kind towards the upcoming Jiwaka Students and Graduates Convention in December at Kingku Hitech Institute.

According to Palme, the medical trip is the first phase of the annual Convention and sees young graduates and students visit rural areas in Jiwaka province carrying out awareness on various topics. Participants will also conduct development research through questionnaires being administered during the trip.

“Data for this trip will be compiled, reports produced and presented to relevant authorities for planning purposes,” Palme said.

The medical team will be back in Kingku Hitech by December 4 to join other students and graduates of Jiwaka province for the Convention, which is another weeklong more or less a rehabilitation program that sees young people attend various sessions.

“Convention is coming up at Kingku HiTech Institute on the 6-10 December and we invite all Students and Graduates to attend this life-changing event. K5 mess fees for students and K20 for graduates with accommodation provided. Bring along sleeping gears, eating utensils and things to write on.”


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