UN Women’s Deputy Country Representative on the Global Perspective of Men and GBV

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By Staycey Yalo, EMTV News, Port Moresby

Adekemi Ndieli, Deputy Country Representative for UN Women, said the rate at which Gender-based Violence is increasing in PNG is staggering, and men’s role in addressing the GBV must begin with them being educated on the issue.

She said many societies of the world have widely accepted the gender norm of giving men high authority to exert control over women.

Ndieli said even if gender norms give more authority to men, gender equality is common sense.

She added that it is time for a change and change must not be seen as a foreign agenda, but as progress.

“It may be our culture but if it is not right, we have to change. Change must not be seen as a foreign agenda but as progress,” she said.

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