Morobe School Inspections denied due to funding

Morobe’s Senior Inspector for basic education, Keith Tangui said schools inspections were halted due to limited funding.

Financial assistance from the Morobe Provincial Administration sees primary school inspectors from the 9 districts were able to conduct inspections.

The Inspectors are currently attending a two-week teachers rating conference in Lae.

Morobe currently has 18 primary school inspectors, two officers serving in each of the nine districts of the Province.

The event allows the inspectors to present reports of their inspections to the teachers.

Morobe’s Senior Inspector for basic education, Keith Tangui said teachers are also rated at this annual event.

In previous years, inspections did not reach most schools in remote areas due to limited funding support from the Morobe Provincial Government to the Provincial Education Department.

Tangui said funding is important for inspectors in order to know the progress of the school and teachers.

The Teaching Service Commission Regional Advisor for Momase, Joseph Ouyoumb said the new inspectors would be inducted next week.

Ouyoumb called on the teachers to provide accurate information to be admitted by the Teachers Service Commission.

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