Disaster Funds Update

The National Disaster Centre today has reaffirmed that the Southern Highlands and Gulf provinces are yet to receive three million and two million kina respectively.

The delay of the release of these much needed funds is attributed to the Finance and Treasury departments.


NDC Acting Executive Director, Martin Mose, told EMTV News that the securing of these funds, at this time, is out of the question.


An estimated seventy thousand people were affected in Gulf and Southern Highlands early last month. However, relief efforts have been exhausted, and further attempts of assistance seem to be delayed, due to the non-delivery of disaster funds.


Aitape, in the Sandaun province, recently fell victim to inundations, and has come under the microscope. Mr. Mose, a team will be dispatched into the area to get a situation report.


Mr. Mose said one million kina will be released to Aitape for relief efforts; this will come from NDC’s account.


He said the documented warrant of funds will be upheld by his office, and until another one is produced for Aitape, appropriate actions will be implemented to ensure that Aitape receives its funds from NDC’s account.


When asked about the hold up of much needed disaster relief funds at the Finance and Treasury departments, Mr. Mose couldn’t clarify the reasons, but said the funds have to be released immediately to further assistance on the ground in affected sites.

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