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Disability Policy Review

Over 150 participants from 18 provinces attended the Disability Policy Review Consultative Workshop held in Port Moresby.

The disability policy was launched in 2015 and will expire in 2025.

This workshop aims to help the three pillars of the policy identify challenges faced and ways to address them going forward.

Major problems and challenges faced by people with impairments were identified during the consultation Workshop.

Disability technical advisor Kevin Akike said they faced problems with the three pillars of the policy including the advocacy organization are not visible, service delivery structure not functioning and the policy itself has no funding guidelines since its launch.

“Analysis from the workshop, very slow progress and in reality nothing done at all” Technical Director said.  

Mr Akike says recommendations were made and included in the outcome statement and was presented to the government representative with Australian High Commission as an evidence of the handover ceremony.

One of the participants of the workshop, Claire Titus said the key component missing to address the challenges is the absence of a disability bill.

“Government has ignored in assisting the disable” participant said.

Mrs. Titus is urging the government to create employment opportunities for those Persons with impairments who have completed their studies.

She further stated that this could be an eye opener to other person with impairments so their parents can send them to school.

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