Clan Feeding Becoming a Painstaking Task, Says Clan Leader

By Mickey Kavera – EM TV, Port Moresby

While some traditional practices may seem relevant, others are becoming a painstaking task. The traditional practice of ‘clan feeding’ often practiced by Motuan villages during Christmas has been identified as one of these.

Ken Rabura, leader of the Badu Clan in Kirakira Village, expressed his frustration over this traditional practice.

Badu Clan is the smallest of the four clans in Kirakira Village consisting of only four households. This year they were chosen to feed the whole village. However, it has not been easy with 85 per cent of his clan members being unemployed.

Regardless of this, they are obliged to carry out this task, depending entirely on outside support.

Though Ken may propose to abolish this traditional practice in Kirakira village, he is aware that there could be resistance from other clans.

And the decision will depend on common understanding from the whole village on whether to keep the traditional practice, or abolish it.

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