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Censorship Office: Respect Starts at Home

The Office of Censorship censors all films viewed in public places, or sold in video shops.

Lovelyn Douglas, Enforcement & Compliance Director from the Office of Censorship, said parents must also be responsible for what they allow their children to view.

In an exclusive interview with EMTV, the Office of Censorship allowed EMTV News a sneak peek into the process of film Censorship.

This year alone has already seen the Enforcement and Compliance Team from the Office of Censorship screening 25 titles for the Video shop and 6 films for Paradise Cinemas.

Have you ever thought about the process it takes to have the films you buy from the video shop or are watching at the Cinema, to be allowed for screening?

The first copy is screened by the officers using classification guidelines. Upon that, appropriate ratings are specified, and the copy is given back to the distributor for selling.

“We have a responsibility and so do parents,” said Douglas.

For the cinema, it is a different scenario. The Enforcement and Compliance Team go to the cinema to do the screening, however, the procedures and processes are the same.

Richard Tabal, an Enforcement officer, said that censorship begins at home.

“It’s about respect. When children see respect in the home then they practise that elsewhere,” said Tabal.

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