Boteka Community urges Levels of Government for Services Neglected

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By Jack Lapauve Jr – EMTV News, Port Moresby

Communities in Boteka, outside Port Moresby say they have been neglected by all three levels of Government.

They told EMTV that road conditions are poor, and despite sharing boundaries with the city, there has never been any electricity into the area.

They are also in a heated debate with government agencies over their piece of land, which hosts the Duran Housing Project.  Through a legal representation, the Dabunari Boteka Land Group has been recognised by the Department of Lands through the Land Fraud Investigation Team as landowners of Portion 528 and 1489. The two portions host a Government Housing project and an oil palm plantation.

A women representative, Bono Bobogi, says they have been neglected for too long.

“We want better roads, clean water system and electricity, we’re living next to the city but we so rural in terms of basic services,” said Bobogi.

No electricity, no proper roads and water system, the Boteka people live a simple life, earning what they can gather in a day. Even the oil palm company which is owned by a known housing real estate giant, is not living up to its social responsibility.

The only elementary school is also struggling as support from the Education Department and different levels of Government has been inconsistent.