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June 15, 2021
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Papua New Guinea Kidney Foundation: Doctor warns about eating healthy

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A doctor from the Papua New Guinea Kidney Foundation has warned Papua New Guineans to be careful of what they consume. According to Dr Steven Bogosia, currently in PNG, the leading cause of kidney failure is diabetes, which follows by high blood pressure, obesity and over the counter drugs.

“All these, have a direct link with kidney failure, which a lot of people don’t know about,” said Dr Bogosia.

He said that many of these diseases are preventable but many people are ignorant and that leads to such diseases as kidney failure.

“Kidney failure is not a pleasant disease because it is a very expensive disease to manage,” said Dr Bogosia. adding that he has been on talk-back-shows and also has spoken openly to people about life style changes which he believes can help stop some of these diseases.

The doctor has encouraged individuals to make it their responsibility to exercise half an hour every day to avoid stress, to not eat more than what you should eat and also to be mindful when taking pain killers such as:
1. Voltren or Diclofenac,
2. Indocin,
3. Ibuprofen and
4. Stop Pain

He also further stated that regular alcohol consumption can also lead to kidney failure.

Kidney failure has five stages but the first three stages are not noticeable until the fourth and fifth stage, Dr Bogosia said, stating that once it hits the fifth stage, the patient can die.

By Michelle Steven – EMTV News, Port Moresby

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