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Nasfund Savers frustrated over delay in payments

Over 30 National Superannuation Fund contributors are angry with the delay in the release of their monies.

This morning, they gathered outside the NAS Fund Office in Boroko and demanded explanations from Nasfund.

Some told EMTV News they have been waiting since July 2016 and waited to know when they will get their monies.

At 8am today, the door to the Nasund Office at Boroko was still shut while contributors waited outside.

It started to get tense when more people arrived and the door was still clocked around 10am.

John Wagu, is one of the contributors, he said for six months he has been waiting for Nasfund to release his final payment.

” We do not live close by. We come from out of town- the Hiritano, Magi Highways, Mekeo villages and other outskirt parts of Central province. This is a very expensive exercise,” Wagu told EMTV News.

Susie Hamo is another contributor. But she is assisting her uncle to get his payments.

” They need to give us clear information, where our money is and when we will get them!” Hamo said.

Susie said her uncle has spent four months with her family and the team from Nasfund has not given him a definite time on when his payments will be ready.

Supa Tenie is another contributor, he is also asking Nasfund to come out and explain why there are facing delays in the release of their funds.

” The delay is frustrating!” Tenie called out.

NasFund is the largest Superannuation Fund for the people of Papua New Guinea and was introduced in 2002.

It has over two million contributors; most of them are in the Public Sector.

Meanwhile Nasund said their team is working on sorting out these grievances and says the delay is because of the closing of business operations for the festive period.

NasFund said it will release a joint statement with Kina Finance this Thursday to explain the delays in payments.

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