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Sir Mekere Morauta Farewelled

A memorial service was held for Former Prime Minister and Moresby Nortwest MP, Sir Mekere Morauta today at St Mary’s Anglican Church at Kangeroo Point in Brisbane today.

The service was attended by family, friends and colleagues in Brisbane and live streamed on Facebook for those outside of Brisbane to witness.

The service started at 2pm Brisbane time and many showed up to pay their respects to the former Prime Minister and Moresby Northwest MP, Sir Mekere Morauta.

Many in PNG went on to Facebook to witness the service which was live streamed there.

During the reading of his eulogy, the late Sir Mekere Morauta was described as a good and great man who spent his life working towards what could be made better for his country. A wise man, who knew that nothing was ever so good that it could not break down or so bad that it could not be recovered.

Sir Mekere was born at Kukipi in the Gulf Province where he hails from, and led quite a full life, he spent his early education in the Gulf Province then continued on to Sogeri Senior High School and was one of a small group from Sogeri and Kerevat Senior High Schools to join the University of Papua New Guinea’s first in 1966 where he became the first graduate in Economics. With it came important responsibilities both for his people and the country.

In 1971, he began a career in the public service as a research officer with the department of Labour.  A year later, he took up a job as economist in the Office of Economic advisor.

When Papua New Guinea became  self-governing in 1973, Sir Mekere who was only 27 at the time was appointed to Secretary of finance, a position he held until 1982.

In the days leading up to the day of the funeral, many went on facebook to air their sentiments. All of which seemed to have a common appeal, most which, saying that he was a senior statesman, a former Prime Minister and many in PNG believe he deserved a better send off, a state funeral for that matter.

However, on the day of the funeral, everyone who watched online did so in one accord. Not even the distance could separate the sorrow felt by those back in PNG. In their own way, farewelling a man who was always an important influencer in the banking and financial sector of Papua New Guinea.

Former Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill in a tribute to the late Sir Mekere said, quote “while we may not have agreed on everything, this does not diminish my respect for his commitment to the public service” end quote.

Many others, including Northern Governor, Gary Juffa, wrote heartfelt condolences in the comments section of the live stream.

Sir Mekere thrived behind the scenes, and helped to develop, shape and implement important government policies.

He was a man who many will remember as the straight shooting politician and the reformist Prime Minister, whose work came to be appreciated more than a decade later.



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