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By Mortimer Yangharry

Sir Tei Abal Secondary School in the Wabag District of Enga Province was closed indefinitely due to a fierce tribal fighting happening in the area.

Consultant Principal Robert Ganim (pictured) confirmed the closure of the school as of yesterday due to the tribal fighting reaching its peak as the battle ground is located near the educational institution.

Ganim has instructed senior teachers to assess the situation on the ground and advise him so he take appropriate actions accordingly as the school also caters for a large number of boarding students.

Ganim said that a decision will be made after consulting the Board of Management Chairman Mr. Moses Pupu who is also the village councilor of the local community.

“At the meantime, all students are encouraged to stay at home until we issue further direction,” Ganim said.

The Sir Tei Abal Secondary School is one of the oldest educational institution in the province and is located in Wakumale village belonging to the Kali clan of the big Yakan Tribe where the neighboring Laita clan is involved in a tribal fighting which started during the 2022 National General Elections and is continuing.

Sir Tei Abal Secondary School makes up Ward 07 of the Wabag Urban LLG in the Wabag District where the students, teachers and their families are part of while the local Kali clansmen are part of the Ambum LLG in the Kompiam Ambum District.

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